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The Easemakers Podcast

Kristin Twiford & Mohamed Elzomor, Easemakers

Every estate manager has a story — and this is where you get to hear them. The Easemakers Podcast is made for people who are passionate about the art of private service. Tune in to learn from the best in the business, get tips and inspiration to fuel your career, and connect with people get it. The Easemakers Podcast is presented by Nines, household management software and services built to help discerning households and the people who support them live with ease.
Navigating a new generation of principals in private service with Silver Swan Recruitment Founder & Managing Director Philippa SmithNovember 22, 2022 Episode artwork Being persistent and standing up to vendors (in a nice way) with Estate Manager Bobbie HalminiakNovember 08, 2022 Episode artwork The service mindset and going above and beyond with Director of Residences John ChristensenOctober 25, 2022 Episode artwork From TV costumes to private service: being prepared for anything with Estate Manager Jean WeissOctober 11, 2022 Episode artwork Learning the basics of property management and household operations with estate manager Shelby BoudreauOctober 04, 2022 Episode artwork Growing from nanny to household and estate manager with Brianna ShuteSeptember 27, 2022 Episode artwork Serving as a footman to Queen Elizabeth II with Chris ElySeptember 13, 2022 Episode artwork Mayday case study: overcoming 'hell week' with fractional Estate Manager Latricia FriendAugust 30, 2022 Episode artwork The tension between estate managers and interior designers (and how to avoid it)August 16, 2022 Episode artwork Managing risk in household employment with TEAM CEO Rachel GreenAugust 02, 2022 Episode artwork A "gilded age" in private service: trends in job descriptions, salaries and more with Staffing Consultant Brian DanielJuly 19, 2022 Episode artwork Caring for couture and managing high-end wardrobes with Garde Robe VP Doug GreenbergJuly 05, 2022 Episode artwork Service squared: inside the military's enlisted aide programJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork Managing second homes and seasonal properties with LakeTime Management's Kelly CooperJune 07, 2022 Episode artwork Why private service professionals need better backup with advocate and author Bonnie Low-KramenMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork Managing construction projects for luxury homes with Estate Manager Tammy GoforthMay 10, 2022 Episode artwork Fractional estate management: managing multiple principals and properties with Estate Manager Christopher MiluApril 26, 2022 Episode artwork The perks and challenges of working with celebrities with Estate Manager J Dennis PaulinApril 12, 2022 Episode artwork Making your vendors feel a part of the team with Estate Manager Shelby BoudreauMarch 15, 2022 Episode artwork Building an effective household manual with estate management expert Marta PerroneMarch 01, 2022 Episode artwork Agencies, references and resumes: finding a match in private service with’s David Gonzalez February 15, 2022 Episode artwork Becoming a better communicator with Director of Residences Fiona Spence-McNeilFebruary 01, 2022 Episode artwork Navigating the job search with Estate Management Solutions' Peter Van RyderJanuary 18, 2022 Episode artwork Driving change with Estate Management Network's Kimberly VarneyJanuary 04, 2022 Episode artwork How to foster an amazing team with Director of Residences Jared MilesDecember 21, 2021 Episode artwork